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Three Health and Safety Apps Every Construction Professional Should Have on their Phone

In almost all of my on-line and in-person classes, I talk about the fact that safety, quality, and productivity are inextricably linked. You cannot neglect one of these elements without having a negative impact on the others. With this in mind, safety becomes the responsibility of all construction professionals, not just the safety managers.

In today’s world where almost everyone has a smart phone with them at all times, it would be a mistake to not use the phone’s capabilities to improve our job sites. In fact many people have access to enterprise level applications through their company, but there are also many very good applications out there that you can find and install on your own. With May being a month of several different safety stand down weeks and other activities meant to bring attention to working safe, I thought I would highlight three of these applications that I think every construction professional should have on their phone. All three of these apps are high quality, ad-free apps that have been developed by NIOSH (a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States) and are available for free from your phone’s app store. All three also appear to be available worldwide, although some of the features may be limited outside of the U.S., and I will point those out in the descriptions below.

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