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Some Questions You May Have

Why I Created the Construction Collaborative

The construction industry is in a state of continuous change as we evolve and adopt digital workflows, new technology, and new ways of thinking (Lean, Early Contractor Engagement, safety cultures, etc.). As construction professionals, we need a place to engage each other, share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other.

Who is behind The Construction Collaborative?

I am Jim Rogers, and I am your host here at I am an author and instructor on the LinkedIn Learning platform. After spending most of my life in the construction industry, then going on to teach construction management at Arizona State University, and now on LinkedIn Learning, I realized there is a greater need in the AEC industry. We need a place to continue our learning through engagement. Want to learn more about me? You can visit my LinkedIn Profile, or check out my construction management courses and weekly tips and tricks series on LinkedIn Learning.

What's inside?

Access to a network of like-minded professionals and their cumulative knowledge. We also conduct webinars, post video content, and other opportunities to learn and grow.

Why paid Plans?

There are many social networking sites out there, including those where I could have created a free group. I decided that a paid group would offer more value.

  • First, I can pull many different content types that would have to live in many different places, all into one site.
  • Second, the more you put into this site, the more you will get out of it, and I believe that people put more in to things they pay for than things that are free.
  • Last...less negativity! I got tired of the trolls that feel the need to post negative comments and responses to posts where people are seeking genuine answers. We all have different levels of expertise and we all have different experiences.
This is a place where we can share that with others so that we can all become better construction management and AEC professionals.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Everything that's inside is included. Pay your monthly or annual subscription fee and enjoy uninterrupted access.