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I have kicked off the last 25+ years with World of Concrete(WOC). Over the years, I have been a speaker, conducted live demos in the outdoor pavilion, brought both college and high school students to check out the industry, worked at booths, conducted interviews, sat for interviews, and even participated in a broadcast debate about OSHA's then pending rules changes for silica in #construction.

Now retired industry legend Bill Palmer also gave me the opportunity to write a reoccurring safety article for (now also retired) Concrete Construction Magazine (the former producer of WOC), and Bradford Randall has given me the opportunity to write several articles for the new

So, in a couple of weeks, that's where I will be! Looking forward to checking out what's new in #concrete, #maosnry, and #construction in general. What's new at the conference this year? An inaugural panel hosted by the Womens Association of Concrete Professionals, and the launch of the Innovative Products Award program. Check out more in the video below and I hope to see some of you there!

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