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Does anyone have experience using burglar bars at skylights? I convinced a client to use them as a benefit to the building owner and doubled up to use them as fall protection during construction. We see many falls through skylights during both construction and building maintenance because most people do not realize that the skylights are not designed to withstand a person falling on them.

We had to have them custom made, which was not difficult, but I am wondering if anyone knows of standard sizes/configurations that might be available.

Looking for information on careers and opportunities in construction technology and virtual design and construction (VDC)? Check out this video interview that I did as part of my course on LinkedIn Learning called Digital AEC Foundations.

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From time to time, I will send an email to site subscribers here on The Construction Collaborative, and depending on your settings here, you may receive an email summarizing activity here on, but my regularly published (twice per month) newsletter is on LinkedIn. I have found that it gets more engagement and doesn't get bounced out of people's email boxes as spam when I publish it on LinkedIn. Plus, when you subscribe there, you can choose to just get notified about a new issue in your LinkedIn notifications, get an email, or both.

Labor shortages will continue to hinder construction of infrastructure and housing, but in the coming year, we will finally see a shift towards recognizing the skilled trades as a true career path.

Construction is the single largest industry in the world, with tremendous growth predicted over the next 10 years. The industry is responsible for the continued development of the face of the earth to meet the populations demands, and these demands will continue to increase. 2023 will see continued struggles to meet demand due to labor shortages, which will include shortages of both skilled trades people and skilled construction management personnel. However, changing attitudes towards four-year degrees and the cost of obtaining them will finally shift the narrative away from teachers and counselors pitching universities as the best path for all. We have seen the development of more and more CTE programs within high schools, and the creation of…

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