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What's New Here in 2023?

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2023!

I am busy updating The Construction Collaborative to make the web site more intuitive and easier to use. Here is a list of what's in store for the first quarter of 2023:

  • All forum posts are being migrated over to the Blog section of the web site

    • This will make content discovery easier as you will no longer have to search in both places

    • There will still be Premium content for subscribers, but all post titles will be visible along with a summary of the post - non-paying members will not have access to Premium content

  • The site member application is getting updated, along with the Premium Member experience

    • Anyone can browse most areas of the site

    • You will need to be a Site Member to comment on Posts, and to join or participate in a Group

    • Premium subscribers will have access to additional content including all videos, all courses, and all premium blog posts including video tips and content

  • The design of Bluebeam Tips and Tricks is getting a refresh

  • There are three new courses set to go online this quarter - more on that soon

  • The new Video section is live!

    • Premium subscribers have full access to watch the videos on-line

    • There will be a fee to watch the videos for non-paying site members

Look for these changes to all roll out during this quarter. These changes and updates are aimed at making content more discoverable, and to showcase the difference between free content and Premium content.

Questions or suggestions? Please use the comments section below. Thanks for being a member of The Construction Collaborative!

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