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Most Construction Projects are still not as Innovative as the Empire State Building

Updated: Apr 3

Having recently toured the Empire State Building and visiting the offices of both LinkedIn and Engineering News-Record, it's fascinating to read about the history of the building’s design and #construction. This recent article in Bluebeam, Inc.’s blog gives a great summary of how they managed to design and build one of the world's tallest buildings in only 20 months almost 100 years ago.

The project utilized early contractor engagement, was optimized for flow to maximize throughput, utilized prefabricated components wherever possible, and was fast tracked by beginning foundations while collaboration on design was still ongoing.

…all without taking years to go on a “lean journey”…imagine…

You can read more about the design and construction innovations on this project at How the Empire State Building’s Construction Remains a Wonder | Built (

You can also read about it in more detail in the book titled "Building the Empire State".

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