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All PDF's are not Created Equal

One of the major issues with digital drawings and PDF files is that to be really effective, you need to ask for a vector PDF. Otherwise, you may end up with what's called a raster PDF. A raster PDF is just a big image that's on the page. A raster PDF is created by using pixels spread across the page. Visually, each one of those pixels ends up representing lines and figures and letters, but they're not really lines and symbols and letters. There are several reasons why that's a bad thing when you're dealing with digital drawings. This includes:

  • The page takes longer to render

  • The file size is typically much larger

  • Text can't be read by search tools

In addition, when using Bluebeam Revu to do quantity takeoffs, if I have a vector-based image the software recognizes lines as a wall, and I can snap to those lines. This is not the case in a raster-based PDF.

See what this looks like and learn exactly what to ask for in the video below.

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